Freeproxyserver - anonymous proxy service for free

Freeproxyserver is an easy-to-use, yet very powerful and efficient free web proxy service. It is definitely your best choice, when it comes to bypassing any kind of censorship restrictions and browsing the web in a private, anonymous and secure manner.


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PHP Proxy - Use this for normal web surfing that does not require you to login.


CGI Proxy - Use this if you plan to login to Myspace or Gmail, etc.


Free Proxy Server is hosted on a Dedicated Server. The server specs are: Dual Intel 2.8GHZ Xeon Processors, 2048MB of RAM, with dual 36GB SCSI harddrives. The site started on a single 1.8 AMD Athlon but outgrew that in a matter of weeks!

CGI (Common Gateway Interface) proxy is a web proxy, which accepts target URLs using a Web form in your online browser window. It processes each request and returns results to your web browser. Therefore people use it on devices/networks that don't allow .true. proxy setting being changed. Just like other proxy servers, CGI proxy enables you to hide/unhide your real IP address depending on how it's been set up. It supports scripting languages such as Perl, Python and so on. CGI proxies can also prohibit execution of scripts on pages (i.e. JavaScript), cookie files, encode a URL, which a request is addressed to and so on.