Freeproxyserver - anonymous proxy service for free

Freeproxyserver is an easy-to-use, yet very powerful and efficient free web proxy service. It is definitely your best choice, when it comes to bypassing any kind of censorship restrictions and browsing the web in a private, anonymous and secure manner.




PHP Proxy - Use this for normal web surfing that does not require you to login.


CGI Proxy - Use this if you plan to login to Myspace or Gmail, etc.


Free Proxy Server is hosted on a Dedicated Server. The server specs are: Dual Intel 2.8GHZ Xeon Processors, 2048MB of RAM, with dual 36GB SCSI harddrives. The site started on a single 1.8 AMD Athlon but outgrew that in a matter of weeks!

Free Proxy Server

Nowadays, online privacy becomes an object of attack by different kinds of malicious software on the Internet. There are lots of applications that claim to protect it. How actually do they do it? Probably the most widespread way of doing it is by using proxy servers.

What is a free proxy server?

A free proxy server (briefly proxy) is a server ( a computer or an application), which works as an mediator for each single request by clients looking for data from another server. Actually, users connect to the proxy server first and request some information like files, connections, web pages or any other resource available from a different server. Then the proxy server evaluates the request as a way to simplify and control its intricacy.

Why do users use proxy servers?

There are several different purposes of using a proxy server. The very first and main reason is for keeping yourselves anonymous while you are online, as a security measurement. The next one is to shorten the time for accessing resources. Proxy servers can be used in order to scan transmitted data for malicious software before it delivers to you. Users use them for providing organization employee Internet usage reporting, for preventing downloading the same data various times, for evading different kinds of restrictions, etc.

Free Proxy server types

Basically, there are three main types of proxy: free tunneling proxy (gateway), forward proxy and reverse proxy. A tunnel proxy is a server that passes requests and responses unchanged. When it comes to a forward proxy, client server name the target servers to connect to. Actually, there is a variation of this proxy, it is called open proxy. It is a forwarding proxy server, which enables users to conceal their real IP address and browse the web anonymously. The last type, reverse free proxies, are proxy servers that appear to users to be just an average server.

What is a free web proxy?

Web proxy servers are a quick and easy method of changing IP addresses, while users surf the Internet. They are completely portable and look like just as a search engine. Some web proxies provide clients with SSL security. Thus they encrypt communication between the user and the proxy.